Video Game Trailer

production of announcement & release trailers, InGame Commercials, Social Media engagement videos and other video spots for Games and Apps.

Concept & Design

development of strategy- und creative ideas & storyboarding for audivisual marketing channels of your game. From GameplayVideo to liveaction shooting & postproduction.

Animation & Sound

Composition of cinematic trailer music, sound & characterdesign for video productions, 3D models for merchandise & collectibles.

"You need an advertising video production for your game?"

3D printed creatures that's what we do!


We do the magic - It's all about story, timing and user experience design.



MPG provides great advertising trailers and educational videos for entertainment and creative industries since 2009.

We focus on storytelling, visual impact and efficient user activation with moving pictures for games and apps - of any size and budget.

The MPG network is a global organization with more than 400 excellent partners skilled in every part of the video production pipeline. MPG artists work remotely, so we are fast, flexible and cost-efficient.

Our multilingual producers are experienced in working with major studios and are familiar with your professional needs, our art directors talk your lingo and are ready for your project of an size, budget and genre.

We are sticklers for details, fast and of good value.

We save you money and times of inhouse prodctions.

'Cause that's what we do by heart. Every day.

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We focus on your game.


We specialized in video game trailer production / video ads & commercial spots for Games Apps. Our excellent network consist of some of the greatest artists from around the world. Most of them are regularly involved in award-winning international productions.

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If Creative Direction & Concept is our job of the project – your studio can also provide this part – we will spend a few days playing and enjoying your game, especially looking for eye candy - the most entertaining and fun mechanics, strongest visual elements and major themes of the game. We combine our experience with information from your developers and art direction about the feel of the game and elements you would like to focus on and we begin to layout a concept for the trailer. Your studio provides as much concept art and individual game graphics available to support cencetual phase and that potentially become part of any motion graphics in the trailer.
Throughout the entire process we remain in close contact with your studio to receive updates about the progress of the game, and to keep you informed on the direction of the trailer. The first major check-in happens near the end of the concept phase as we finalize the script. With your review notes and „GO“ we progress into production phase.


If you want us to create the footage of gameplay you provide us with your game and we move on capturing it at the highest possible resolution at a much higher bit rate than the final video to protect the integrity of the game images during the editing process as we need the possibility to zoom in on elements, increase or decrease the speed for dramatic effect and encode the trailer for streaming.
We act as the primary player during capture. Iif your game includes multiplayer functionality we will set up multi-user sessions with your studio. The capture and editing phase run simoultaniously.


Depending on the needs of your studio we start to layout the trailer. We do research for music – if not provided by your studio, or brief our composer to start his job. Musical choices are important as they commonly determine the exact length and beats of the trailer. We provide you with every state of the trailer before progressing into further detail. From rough cut including static and non-final previs shots based on the first draft of the composition to the final cut of the trailer.
During this phase we stay in close contact with your studio. All trailer packages include minimum one rough cut of the trailer you to observe the process and to make any necessary changes.The more complex the script the more review rounds and cuts are necessary to precent the workflow from unneccessary additional revision rounds and guarantee that the final product will match the script. All rough cuts will be uploaded to a private server for the development team to review or share, and will be removed immediately after production.
The final trailer will be encoded for the web at the requested resolution and uploaded to a private ftp server for you to download. Different versions of the trailer can also be created depending on the needs of your studio but limited to the material and resolution and ratio you demanded at first. Any files of the production process will be stored for at least for 12 month – in case you need any adaptions of your video game trailer.


If you decided to use stock footage or music you have to license it directly for your studio. In legal terms there is no possibility for us to do this for you. We provide you with the links to the selected service.
We provide you with a preview rendered video with a watermark. After receiving you payment, we remove the watermark and immidiately upload the full resolution version.

Your benefits:

- Save precious time in crunch times before launch

- No additional costs - we work efficient and fast

- No time-loss for research or costs for additional freelancer recruitment

- Our artists work remotly and our on the fly project teams are scalable on the fly

And what about the Price?

We have some packages for your guidance listed below.

Your trailer concept should be as individual as your game?

Send your individual request!



ask for the price - 15 second Short Trailer for app stores
- Opening and Closing Titles with basic 2D animation
- One Rough Cut for notes, alterations and adjustments
- A Final Cut rendered at 720p in line with target store guidelines

(required from your studio: all game assets, gameplay videos, music, sounds & graphics)



ask for the price

- 30 second Trailer for online advertising
- Opening and Closing Titles with basic 2D animation
- Gameplay scenes
- basic artwork & game asset compositings
- storytelling with animated textoverlays
- Music research
- One Rough Cut for notes, alterations and adjustments
- A Final Cut rendered at 720p in line with target store guidelines

(required from your studio: all game assets, gameplay videos, sounds & graphics)

Optional services

- other trailer length
- music research or individual composition
- sound design
- voiceover in any language
- textoverlays in any language
- capturing of gameplay and ingame video footage
- captured gameplay video polishing (additional asset overlays and effects)
- motion graphics
- visual effects
- game graphics reproduction (for detailed upscale views / zooming e.g.)
- 3D modeling and animation

Pricing & optional services

Your trailer can be as individual as your game.

Ask us for prices


1. Select package or send us your individual request

2. Receive our offer - based on detailled briefing

3. Place your order - let's start!

4. Get an awesome trailer! - and get more (paying) users for your game

+ 49 (0) 4105 13 70 777

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